How to Improve your Answering Services Offerings

What challenges do answering services face regarding client management and Billing? How can you expand your service offerings to acquire more prominent clients?

Some answering services bill their clients by the minutes, and others bill them by the month. For most providers in this competitive space, keeping the Billing accurate and streamlined for delivery are among the most important goals for their organizations. Thus, they need a platform that can dynamically adapt to the data hierarchy that their clients demand. In addition, their managers need the capability to change data relationships as required so that their clients can record any stats for their campaigns.

Since the answering service world is a stats-heavy culture, there is always a need for bigger and better data reports and dashboards. However, the most critical component is that the Billing can track all agent progress from one account to the next. This feature is essential for accurate Billing and satisfied clients.

Ivinex UUE’s Solution

When it comes to a cloud CRM solution that can manage and report on answering services campaigns, we like to highlight what Ivinex offers. Here are the significant features included with the Ivinex Answering Services Suite:

Answering Services Billing*

Ivinex can track all interactions and data entries made by agents down to the minute. The agent progress follows the campaign showing how many agent minutes got counted for any given period on a specific client. As one example, this feature allows you to bill clients for minutes used for the month.

Emergency Dispatch Services

Ivinex configured for dispatch mode can accommodate everything from after-hours medical dispatching to HVAC and Plumber emergency dispatching. Since the system is versatile, it can adapt to thousands of use cases

Appointment Setting Engine

The Unified User Experience has all the functionality you’d need to set medical or service appointments. It also has an engine that allows each location to develop its own rules and change them with ease.

Inbound Scripted Process

Ivinex is the darling of the Answering Services industry with inbound scripts that are drag and drop and easy to use. Your clients can ask for anything from a simple fieldset with some embedded instructions, or they can ask for the completion of complex tasks.

Knowledge Base Sidecar

Our platform features a fully functional knowledge base that can act as a companion to any data. So, for example, the articles can link to tickets and other data, and they can trigger the related knowledge base entry to appear when a phone call comes through.

Ivinex is among the top choices for answering services clients who wish to bring their platforms out of antiquated systems. For more information, please visit our website:

* This platform is not a certified accounting software, so it cannot do taxes and other accounting reports that must be updated annually. However, Ivinex can integrate with your favorite bookkeeping engine or software portal.

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