Our Complete Professional Services

Our Professional Services Team is assembled to help you build solutions to your specific business needs. They are call center and CRM experts. Our goal is to implement a system that fits exactly into your process and business model. We will customize and configure the solution so that you can experience the result, which is great customer relationship success.


Our Implementation Process makes an easy and simple transition. The process is smooth so you can feel assured by each step. Your input is valued and carried out to materialize your specific requirements.

Step 1 Scoping

Understanding the size, scope, and business requirements of your project is the first step of implementation. From there, we can make a plan with you to move forward.

Step 2 Kickoff

Organizing the stakeholders of the project is essential before formally beginning. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss and collaborate all details of the scope with the stakeholders in preparation for the build.

Step 3 Build

We build your system to the exact specifications as discussed in the scoping and kickoff phase. We want to get all of your requirements right and deliver the best product and experience we can.

Step 4 Testing & Training

We will take the time to test your Ivinex system, making sure it is bug-free and ready to go. We will also train you and your team on the Ivinex system so that everyone is comfortable and ready for the go-live date.

Step 5 Go Live

After testing and training are complete, the final application is turned over for successful utilization and operation. Everything is ready to go live!

Step 6 Post Go Live

We are here to help you for up to two weeks after going live. We want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed. Looking for additional support? We have that too! Reach out today to learn about our different support packages.

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