From Contact Center To CRM

Legacy systems are limited and inflexible. From Contact Center to CRM, the Ivinex Cloud Platform delivers a new experience for today’s business trying to modernize and simplify.

Contact Center to CRM

Customer Management

Managing your customers is easier than ever before. Our all-in-one UUE combines all of your integrations with omni-channel interactions, your customer’s interaction history, and so much more.

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Ticketing Management

Managing your tickets is easy with the UUE. We have a simple system for tracking and solving customer support tickets that is intuitive and easy to use for you and your agents!

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Guided Script

Provide your agents with a guided process by giving them access to Script Pop technology. With access to customer data during calls in real-time your agents will have more effective and efficient customer interactions.

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Knowledge Base

Give your agents and customers the latest information. Seize knowledge about customer issues over time. Give your agents the tools to be more accurate as they resolve customer tickets.

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Integrate with your dialers and other platforms to find all your data in one place. Remove the need for your users to access different applications and accounts and make it easier for you and your agents.

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Automating your processes has never been so simple for you or your agents! It is easy, intuitive, and allows your agents to put their time where it matters.

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Evaluate, analyze, and categorize your data and processes in real-time. Create reports quickly with minimal effort. Filter your data into a valuable realtime data view.

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Want your products to do even more? Check out our different extensions!

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