Agent Extensions

The Complete Agent Experience

Provide your agents with a complete experience through our Unified User Experience. With interactive controls, guided scripting, and event-controlled pop-ups, your agents will have everything they need to provide the best support possible.


Provide your agents with customizable and user-friendly Call Script capabilities. Determine accurate and real-time guidance and verbiage that can be presented to your agents simply and consistently.


Make customer support more efficient with specific pop-ups. Deliver valuable information to your agents no matter the context. Pop-ups will help to ensure accurate customer data and messaging to make for a more productive call.


Design and implement your specific Unified User Experience to your custom needs. The interface proves to be a great interactive experience for both the agent and the customer.

Agent Controls

Ivinex gives your users access to agent controls with the integrated dialer, allowing them to provide communication at the highest level with your customized all-in-one Unified User Experience. Everything is at their fingertips – they call the shots.

agent extensions
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