Unified User Experience Extensions

The Most Flexible UUE Platform

Our Unified User Experience provides personalized experiences for each of your agents. While some agents need multiple tools and views to get the job done, others only need a few. That is why we have created the UUE, so that you can find what will work best for you and your company.

Flexible UUE

Ivinex is the most flexible UUE Platform. Customize and configure your UUE to work the way you and your users do. Our competition provides one rigid methodology for everyone, but we understand that every business is different. Tailor your fully customizable UUE directly to meet your needs.

Light UUE

The light UUE is a simpler and scaled-down UUE that allows you to address specific needs. This version is still powerful and extremely useful for your customer relationships. It gives you exactly what you and your users need while also cutting out the fluff.

Enterprise UUE

Our enterprise UUE is a larger scaled approach to giving your users more complex applications and processes. We help to provide you with automation and support to complete all of your tasks across your business. With its full capabilities, our enterprise UUE makes for a better customer experience.


Give your agents the seamless flow of information and integration – helping performance at the highest level. Our HUB UUE uses a central integration point between multiple systems to “bridge” your data connections and logic, all to be displayed on the UUE. Save time, reduce errors, and create a better onboarding experience for all of your agents.

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