The Ivinex Process Automation Model

Allow for your agents to be more effective and efficient. Through automation, we aim to simplify repetitive processes. The reduction of clicks and menial tasks will create an increase in efficiency. The automation engine can drive long-term contact efforts or complex business processes. Rather, it is assigning tickets to individuals or ensuring your agents have leads as needed to hit goals.

Discover our three different types of automation below!

Event Actions

Automate popping scripts when a customer calls or creating tickets when your agent receives an email. Automating these simple actions with event actions helps your agents through the process and allows them to spend their time where it matters. Let us show you just how easy it is to use!


Automate data transfers and other menial tasks with workflow. Workflow is here to help you easily automate individual actions and take a little more off of your agent’s plate.

State Machine

Are you looking to automate simple or complex processes? Then our State Machine is for you. Set your own filters, create actions, and establish your cadence to automate your processes. It is easy and effective for you and your agents.

Why Automate?

Improve Agent Processes

The Unified User Experience is built with a step-by-step logic structure, allowing your team to build and customize intuitive processes that will guide your agent through seamlessly. The result provides faster agent training, fewer mistakes, click reduction, and a better customer experience.

Empower Management

Your managers can be twenty times more effective with the Unified User Experience. How? Under normal circumstances, issues that arise in a business often get repeated more than twenty times before a manager can create a permanent solution. Utilizing our Process Automation Engine, they will be able to cut down on time and arrive at solutions much quicker.

Reduce Costs

There are multitudes of ways in which automation through the UUE can reduce your costs.

  • Eliminating the need for agents to log in and out of various systems results in more efficient labor per interaction.
  • Automating processes on behalf of agents and managers allows the next steps to take place without agent intervention for weeks or months at a time.
  • Assigning work to agents automatically so that new assignments are never waiting for a manager to make a decision.
  • Our solution provides competitive pricing and far more functionality than most industry adjacent services offer out of the gate.
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