How to Optimize Your Agent Screens

How many screens, tabs, and systems are your call center or back-office agents logging in and out of on a daily basis?

What if your agents could accomplish all of their tasks through a single sign-on in a “single pane of glass”?


Juggling multiple systems and logins can have an impact on your agents and their efficiency.

The issue with multiple systems and sources of truth is that they compound the complexity of the agent’s job.

This allows for more errors, as well as longer onboarding and a tedious training process as your agents have more information to memorize and execute correctly.

On average, with having to login in and search multiple systems, agents wind up costing you as the business owner an extra 15% to 30% in labor.

One of the reasons for the extra labor comes from agents making mistakes.

For example, if an agent must cross-reference data between platforms and makes the mistake of bringing up an incorrect or duplicate record, they run the risk of creating orphaned or inaccurate data in one or many of the systems.

We don’t need to talk about how detrimental this could be to your reporting figures, as well as the time and resources that would then have to go into fixing the incorrect data and accounts.

Another challenge is that of the time it takes for your agents to log in and look up data in their various resources.

On average, even the quickest agents will spend an extra minute or two searching for data within multiple repositories.

If the average interaction with a client lasts five minutes, that means two minutes of the agent’s and customer’s time is being wasted.

From an agent’s perspective, having a single screen to enter all of the crucial data points is the easiest and most efficient method.

Having all of the information they need at their fingertips greatly reduces the opportunity for error, and the memorization the agent would have to do to be successful.

This all sounds fine and dandy, but without the right platform, it could take years to build out this solution, link all of the data, and synchronize everything properly.

This is not to mention the cost that would go into building out a system from scratch, and the development resources you would have to pull from your internal projects to make this a reality.


Luckily for you, we have a faster and easier solution.

The Unified User Experience (UUE) from Ivinex.

Agent desktop optimized

With real-time data hubs and rules-based data synchronization, getting all the customer data in one place is quick and painless.

Bringing on new agents is simpler than before.

The time customers spend waiting for interactions shortens leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, once the UUE has been set up with the proper data and connections, optimizing the agent screens simply becomes a matter of placing the data fields where they are most effective.

Beyond these benefits, the UUE offers the ability to show the “Right Data at the Right Time,” which allows for the use of skill-based routing tools from a contact center platform to trigger the correct data display.

For example, an email or phone call is received inbound.

The platform then takes the agent to the optimal screen for that interaction based on the rules and triggers that have been defined by you.

So, it isn’t just a single optimized screen.

The UUE is multiple optimized screen configurations, combined into a single pane of glass, that appear when they are relevant to an interaction.

Ditch the multiple screens, tabs, and systems.

Allow your agents to have everything they need readily available within one system.

It’s time to streamline your agent’s efficiency and reap the rewards.

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