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Powered by a Single Screen

Our United User Experience (UUE) Gets the Right Data on One Screen

Get rid of all the apps and screens. Give your agents a customizable view on one screen with one location for all of their tools.

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What Sets Ivinex Apart

We have partnered with the dialers and created an API Hub so that your users can have everything they need at their fingertips.

When you combine Omni-channel interactions with your customer database into one screen that guides your user experience, you get what we call the Unified User Experience (UUE).

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Our Dialer Partners

We have partnered with many of the industries’ leading dialers so that we can make it easier for you and give your users the communication technology they need.

Our UUE Is What You Have Been Missing

Free your agents from the burden of information hunting, categorizing tickets, routing calls, and other low-value tasks. Help them focus on tasks that provide value to the customers and the business. With our UUE you will empower your agents to have more productive interactions with your customers.

Explore some of the game-changing features below:

Inbound Ticketing

Now your users can take a call, respond to an email, or live chat with a customer and create a support ticket without ever changing screens.

The process is simpler and easier than ever before. We want to provide you and your agents with the best tools available.

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Inbound Guided Scripting

With our “no-code” drag and drop scripting tool, you can take your scripting to the next level. After taking a call and for each step in the process that follows, you can decide what the agent sees on their screen and how the data behaves. All of this is done without your agent ever having to leave their screen or switch applications.

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Outbound Sales Engagement

Combine powerful cloud data management with our cadence automation to maximize your ROI on leads. Before and after launch, you can tweak and test your campaigns until you find what provides the best results for engaging your contacts. Everything is managed with ease and versatility from the interaction level through to the final outcome.

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You’re In Good Company

We’ve done business with some of the largest public companies as well as everyday small and medium-sized businesses.

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