The Most Flexible Platform UUE

Give your agents the greatest potential of offering better customer service. Customize the Unified User Experience (UUE) to work the way that you do. Keep your agents productive and efficient.

Build Your UUE to Work How You Do

Ivinex is 100% cloud-based and will grow and scale to your business needs – whatever they are and wherever they are. Our system is flexible and allows you to add the features you need to best assist your users.

All Your Apps Integrated Into One Place

Our UUE can accommodate your multiple integrations. Giving you the flexibility to integrate into one Unified User Experience, and offering your agents the ability to be productive and efficient by enabling great customer interactions.

Better Your Customer Relationships

Our cloud-based UUE solution gives you all the information you will need on customers, prospects, and leads stored on a single flexible platform. This will allow your agents to connect better with their customers and strengthen those relationships.

Boost Your Sales

Using the Ivinex UUE, you can manage your leads and your contact cadence. Map out how you want to contact your leads to ensure that you are making the most out of the opportunity you have, then let the State Machine do its work.

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Simplify Your CRMs and Call Centers

We have created our UUE to fill in the technology gaps for your company and make connecting with the customer a better experience for all involved. The UUE is capable of so much. Here are a few of our customers’ favorite features:

Omnichannel Interactions

Voice & Email

Chat, SMS & Video

Call Integration

Screen Pop

Automate Menial Tasks

Assign Tickets

Notify Agents

Escalate Cases

View Contact History

Unified Customer Contact History from Multiple Channels

Search and Filter

Easy Reference for Last Interaction

Quick Details of Interaction

All On A Single Screen

Configure Data

Control Agent View

Guided Process

Everything you need at your fingertips

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