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What can Ivinex do for you?

Accelerated Sales

Accelerated Sales

Sales reps need systems and methodologies that can accelerate each phase of the sales cycle.

Whether you need a traditional sales methodology, or a modified one, Ivinex will be tailored to fit your business sales model.

Discover the accelerator for your sales team.

Accelerated Sales


Ivinex reporting gives cross-tab ad-hoc tools that can create and build the reports to give key insight into business performance.

Gain ultimate visibility into the sales process on configurable dashboards by user role.

Power to see clearly and plan accordingly.

Accelerated Sales


One of the main complaints from sales reps is that the CRM system doesn’t help them sell more.

Ivinex automated task creation helps keep the sales rep doing the activities they do best while automating the next step.

Help your sales reps focus on the critical

Accelerated Sales


Know when to follow-up. This is the key that other CRM systems lack.

Ivinex CRM has a lead management system that knows when your leads are actually looking at your marketing collateral and can notify your sales reps for immediate follow-up.

No more guess work. Just an accelerated lead cycle that increases revenue.

Accelerated Sales

Accounts & Contacts

Tracking information about your contacts and accounts is a cornerstone of any business.

Ivinex keeps a complete history of every communication note, task, calender event, phone call, or email that has happened with your customer, all in one central, easy to view location.

Get the big picture, make better decisions, and increase revenue.

Accelerated Sales


Ivinex has developed best of market solutions that accelerate the lead and sales pipelines.

Innovation like texting the name and phone number of prospects reading marketing collateral for real-time follow up, to an algorithm that reports deal probability and days to close based on real historical data.

Send quotes, convert to invoice, and integrate with your back office.

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Your Sales Solution

Expert evaluation, implementation, and deployment ensures that your sales solution fits you perfectly; wherever you are.

Can your sales solution take you to the beach?

One Custom Fit

Sales Customized

Escape the box, and enjoy the benefits of a sales solution and methodology customized for your business.

A flexible sales solution that fits your style.

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