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What can Ivinex do for you?

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Lead Capture

Link landing pages and web forms to Ivinex and streamline your lead capture process.

Easily automate where new leads should go. Alert the recipient that a new lead is available through a screen pop or email.

Streamline your lead capture process.

Accelerated Sales


Ivinex CRM make it easy to manage your campaigns.

From cost to attend and present at a tradeshow through tracking leads generated to deals closed, you can see the entire cycle and cost per new client acquisition.

Measure the effectiveness of your efforts – all from within your CRM.

Accelerated Sales


Most companies experience a disconnect between marketing and sales.

When a prospect opens and clicks through the marketing collateral, an email or text message is immediately sent to your sales rep. The sales rep immediately calls, qualifies, and moves the prospect into his pipeline.

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Drip Marketing

Create and schedule multiple drip email marketing campaigns.

Use any piece of data to trigger drip email marketing and leverage the workflow wizard system to automaically send out emails at pre-determined intervals.

Stay top-of-mind, and prompt action automatically.

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API Integrations

Do you use a third party system for marketing?

Constant Contact, MailChimp, Emma, or whatever system you use, we can make the connections. Trust our team to integrate all key systems to the Ivinex platform.

Faster, dependable, and it works when we’re done.

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Ivinex reporting gives cross-tab ad-hoc tools that can create and build the reports to give key insight into marketing performance.

Gain ultimate visibility into the marketing process on configurable dashboards by user role.

Power to see clearly and plan accordingly.

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Your Marketing Solution

Combining your data into a unified platform will empower you to analyze and plan your next marketing move.

One Custom FitGain a high level clear view of your marketing returns. Spend more time acting on your data, and less time trying to make sense out of it.

Marketing Customized

Expert evaluation, implementation, and deployment ensures that your marketing CRM solution fits you perfectly.

Launch your next marketing move with style.

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