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Enterprise CRM and Telephony Systems Unite

CRM and Telephony Solutions WhitepaperWhen looking for a robust telephony system, there are quite a few options out there. This is also the case when comparing CRM systems. But, if we are looking for a telephony system and a CRM system, there is one glaring issue: Most CRM systems do not provide a good telephony solution, and most telephony systems do not provide good CRM capabilities. To solve this market gap, Ivinex and Nuxiba have partnered to create an integrated CRM and call center application. When asked about the integration, Nuxiba’s Boan Rubalcava said:
“The combination of the enterprise CRM from Ivinex and the award-winning Centerware line from Nuxiba represent a “best of class” solution where customers can rely on the most advanced products in both the contact center and the CRM arenas.”
He also went on to say:
“Whether your company requires complex scripting, or a full blown CRM that adapts to your business process the Ivinex / Nuxiba combination provides a state of the art Contact Center solution with the best CRM in the market.”

Scripting Engine

The Ivinex scripting engine provides an intuitive interface for visually creating new call center scripts. Content formatting and layout is accomplished with easy to use tools that allow you to format your script to look exactly the way you want it. Data capture fields can be added to the script anywhere you like, and moved around with ease. Data capture coupled with the Ivinex CRM system opens the door for additional processes and reporting. Multiple options for script navigation exist to help streamline the process of moving through the script content, and keeping the flow of the call going.

Telephony Integration

To provide a real time interactive telephony piece inside the CRM system, Ivinex has developed a direct connection to the telephony functionality provided by the award-winning Centerware line from Nuxiba. The interface allows for simple functions like dial, hangup, hold, transfer, mute – to more advanced tools for call logging, status management, supervisor / team chat, and more.

Enterprise CRM

The Ivinex Enterprise CRM provides unparalleled customization of your CRM system. Unlimited data modules coupled with the free-form creation process, enables you to setup. tweak, and fine tune your CRM system to fit your business perfectly. Ivinex reporting gives cross-tab ad-hoc tools that can create and build the reports to give key insight into business performance. Reports can generate table data, summaries, and graphs. All of which can then be placed on any individual’s dashboard. This means if the data is in our platform, you can run the report you need. Gain visibility into the sales process on configurable dashboards by user role, and the power to see clearly and plan accordingly. With the Ivinex Cloud you don’t have to worry about buying servers, maintaining servers, hiring technical staff or supporting the infrastructure. You get the freedom to build the perfect application without the worry of the underlying infrastructure. Derek Miner at Ivinex had this to say about the new integration:
”We are excited about the Ivinex / Nuxiba combination. Enterprise CRM coupled with the award-winning Centerware platform is a win-win scenario.”


Centerware OUT-bound utilizes powerful algorithms to accurately predict exactly what it will take to keep all of your agents on the phone as much as possible. Answering machine detection will also save you time by filtering out calls that do not bring you revenue. Centerware IN-bound will help you provide the best customer service experience. With real-time indicators and robust reporting you can be sure you’ll know the pulse of your call center operation. Centerware AVRS (Advanced Voice Recording System) not only creates an audio record of all your calls, it also makes your life easy when trying to find those recordings.


The ability to initiate or receive a call, pop up a script, capture your data, and report on everything, makes the Ivinex / Nuxiba system a winning combination for many types of businesses. Download the Whitepaper

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