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About Ivinex

The Cloud PlatformHere’s the thing: Ivinex is the ultimate all-in-one platform. While most companies come to us looking for our sales crm or service crm applications, they quickly see that Ivinex gives them everything they wanted but couldn’t do with and SugarCRM.

Give us a try. A significant cost savings over competing CRM platforms is just one good reason.

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Why Ivinex?

Proven Need: Companies realize the need to manage all their data in one central location. In today’s marketplace superior customer service, accelerated sales methodologies, real-time analytics and alerting are a proven necessity for success.
Budget Concious: Ivinex costs significantly less than other enterprise CRM competitors. Need enterprise functionality at a large discount? See for yourself how cost effective your CRM can be- tell us your needs and we can prepare a proposal.
Your Design: The old way of buying software is over. Companies are no longer satisfied buying a software package and trying to gerry-rig their process to fit the right out-of-the box software. You know your business. You know the right process. Meet the software platform created for you.
Why Ivinex: The better question: why not Ivinex? The ultimate all-in-one platform, unlimited functionality, at a significant cost savings.
Awards Rising Star 2011-2014 Customer Service Software Profiles of Leading Customer Service software vendors
Rising Star 2011-2014 Sales Force Automation Profiles of Leading Sales Automation software vendors
Careers People are the difference. Every person at Ivinex contributes to our success. We are always interested in intelligent, capable, hard-working, driven individuals. If you feel you would be a major asset to our team. Please send us your résumé. Send us your résumé
Foundations We Support Hope Arising – Hope Arising, Inc., a501(c)(3) organization, was founded so that “Each child will live healthy, gain education and achieve economic self-reliance for a future of hope.” Help Today